DJ Akademiks blows up Jay-Z & Meek Mill after pardoning Roc Nation CEO

While Roc Nation may be celebrating President Desiree Perez’s pardon, DJ Akademiks hopped on Twitch to share his thoughts on the matter – and he’s not impressed.

“Desiree Perez, CEO of Roc Nation and federal cooperator who put down a cartel, aka Meek Mills boss and JAY-Z’s dedicated CEO – she has been granted grace and Donald Trump apologized for her hard work in the Snitch.” said Akademiks.

“Jesus Christ! The files show that she was ever convicted of a narcotic-related crime, which the files state that she also worked. Isn’t that prison reform? I would like to hear Meek.” Mill’s opinion on that. I would like to hear what he thinks about being involved in prison reform. “

And Akademiks wasn’t the only media personality looking into the matter:

“Congratulations JayZ and Roc Nation Ceo on Donald Trump’s forgiveness! MONDAY 7 PM, WE HAVE A STORY TO TELL! #JustMyOpinion (folks, if I can’t go to brunch I get it). I need my facts in order BEFORE I DISCUSSION! I NEW NEW TO TODAY ???? HOW DOES EVERYONE FEEL ABOUT THIS? “he wrote.

Monday Flex says he’s got tea.

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