DJ Akademiks: I do know label managers who fuck rappers !!

At DJ Akademiks ‘most recent twitch meeting, he spoke to his supporters about TI and Tiny Harris’ ongoing allegations.

Although he was too scared to dwell on anything special, he stated that he knew about label managers sleeping with male artists and (sucking them off).

“I don’t even think I can believe any of this, but I’ll say that,” he said on Twitch. “In the land of Hollyweird, it feels like you never think this is just too weird for you. There are a few executives I hear from fucking the male rappers – and they’re male too. And I said why he sucks these n * ggas off again and again and nobody talks about it? “


He hasn’t named any rappers or executive names – but it’s likely that all rap fans will wonder who he’s talking about when he reveals.

Check out the following clip:

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