DJ Funk Flex Explains Why He Bought Liposuction – PICS & VIDEO

A few weeks ago, DJ Funk Flex shocked social media when he went public with liposuction – even footage from the actual procedure.


In a recent interview, he explained why he decided to go public:

“I went public with it just because I thought everyone did – now I can’t say I saw it, but I can say I did it to my knowledge, Drake and Kanye and LL and people like that, that’s what they did, “he told Million Dollaz Worth of Game. “When I called and got in touch with the man who did this for me, I was recommended because current soccer players and current boxers go to him.”

Flex posted a video of the process along with the headline:

“For a while now @ 40dayreset has been amazingly helping me lose 40 pounds! @Drwerfel, thank you very much! Today I took a step that I always wanted to try! @Elitebodysculpture works on those tough spots … lower stomach, armpits, and back fat! No anesthesia, awake all the time! I really enjoyed it! “

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