Drag Race Recap: Was the Proper Queen Booted from the Competitors?


Reboots and Ru rivals may be all the rage, but they rarely match the quality of the original. Enter this week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Three seasons after the Bossy Rossy Show wowed audiences with its terrible pickles and sexy drag babies, Ross Mathews’ legendary late-night talker was brought back for another round on Friday – and it was everywhere. (Sure, there have been a few highlights, but it’s not a great night of performances when someone gets top honors for playing a pantomime. Even when they’re emote for the gods.)

This came after a thoroughly satisfying mini-reading challenge that Gottmik won with a series of wild readings on Kandy Muse, who identified with the pug community, Tina Burner who built a soccer player, and Utica Queen who simply ” strange ”was. The last one was actually recurring reading during the mini-game; Tina asked Utica directly where she was hiding the bodies of her victims. Check out the full reading challenge:

The real gag this week was Olivia Lux, whose cover as a low-key, fierce competitor has been officially inflated. Tina even clocked her as a “secret diva” and she’s not wrong. Not only was Utica furious when Olivia “stole” her role in the improvisational challenge, but Olivia even tossed a little salt into her wound and suggested, “I could land up again.” And you know what? She landed up. This is the second Maxi Challenge win for Olivia, who hasn’t landed at the bottom yet. And the more I think about her clever take on the runway theme (pictured above), the more I appreciate her ingenuity.

With all due respect to Miss Lux, however, I would have declared Symone this week’s winner. Not only did she bring enough energy to keep her entire improvisational sketch alive, but I also have no words for how good her runway look was. I just sat with limp jaws trying to absorb every inch of this African warrior-inspired masterpiece …

I have to give my hat to Gottmik too for her brilliant anal pearl inspired look. See this latex act in all its glory and the “Bead It!” Of every other queen. Runway ensembles in the video below:

Category is: BEAD IT! ????✨

Our queens sparkled and shone on the runway in their best pearl lewks! Who did your favorite of the night belong to? #DragRace pic.twitter.com/goSxIWFHbR

– RuPaul’s Drag Race (@RuPaulsDragRace) February 13, 2021

At the other end of the spectrum, LaLa Ri and Elliott landed 2 Ts in the bottom two positions this week with a combination of nondescript improvisation and lackluster runway presentations, with Utica barely having to avoid syncing her lips for her life.

Despite LaLa’s track record of killing lip-synching, Elliott stepped into the fray with confidence. And from the moment Kelly Clarkson started playing “Whole Lotta Woman” she found out. LaLa may have charisma, uniqueness, and talent, but Elliott got the nerve, stayed at or above LaLa’s level all the time, and occasionally threw in splits to sweeten the pot. And those synchronized body roles! Real conversation, none of these ladies disappoints. In the end, however, the “LaLa Ri Experience” just wasn’t enough – Ru was forced to send the Queen back to Atlanta.

Do you think that was the right call? (Part of me was expecting a double shantay, if I’m being honest.) Then vote in our poll below Leave a comment with your thoughts on the episode.

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