Dzasko & J. Laser Staff for sensational single “Eclipse” [Loudkult]

Peruvian musician, DJ, songwriter and record producer Dzasko is a rising star in the world of dance music. His latest release is a sensational single that has a pure late night feel from start to finish and features J. Laser’s beautiful vocals entitled “Eclipse” which is now available at Loudkult.

Dzasko, originally from Lima, began experimenting with music production with software for old music at a young age in order to fulfill his wish to be in a band and have his own songs. The constant experimentation with programming instruments slowly evolved into a form of electronic music after a “spiritual experience” with dance music in his middle teenage years. Since then his music has been very successful and landed at number 4 on the Beatport charts. He performed in countries such as the Netherlands, Italy, China, Malaysia, India and the Philippines.

Dzasko moved to Los Angeles by the spring of 2018 and immersed himself in the city’s live music scene. He found himself back to an “origin” who experimented with the music that was crucial in his early years in Peru.

J. Laser is a project by composer / producer Jordan Lawlor in dystopian Los Angeles, California that combines the modern means of electronic production and sound manipulation with the warmth and humanity of classical songcraft and instrumentation that has played a prominent role in past eras to have. You may remember Lawlor from his previous tenure at M83. At the age of 18 he was drafted by the French dream pop outfit as a multi-instrumentalist on the “Hurry up, we’re dreaming tour” and beckoned a dangerous leap from the meek student at home to the archetypal rock magician who plays Coachella. Glastonbury and Lollapalooza in a few months.

He spent the following years with the group, touring around the world and contributing as creative capital. He worked as an employee with acts as diverse as M83, Oberhofer, Mark Petrie and THEY as well as countless cues for TV & film. Lawlor has cultivated a sound that combines cinematic majesty, an undisguised pop sensitivity and experienced musicality.

Together these two artists form a dynamic team and “Eclipse” is perfect proof of that. The ambience swallows you the minute you hit play as J. Laser’s soothing voice guides you through this epic, future nostalgic journey.

“Eclipse” is a song that came together in the first few months of last year. Appearing in a dream, it is a journey through the unconscious on which “the great escape” is reached. A rendezvous through what is known as inner travel: “The space in between, in which we look at our inner emotional landscape and challenge our old ways of thinking”.

“Eclipse” is out now! Listen below.

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