Earlier than Furiosa, Mad Max’s director makes a fantasy drama with Idris Elba and others

But Mad Max fans will be delighted as many of the Fury Road staff are part of the Three Thousand Years of Longing crew. Cinematographer John Seale will sit behind the lens despite retiring from filmmaking after the Oscar-winning film completes. Seale is accompanied by editor Margaret Sixel, hair and make-up designer Lesley Vanderwalt, and set designer Lisa Thompson. All I want to add won Oscars for their work on the critically acclaimed box office hit. Other returning Fury Road staples include composer Tom Holkenborg (better known as Junkie XL), casting director Nikki Barrett, first assistant director PJ Voeten, stunt coordinator Guy Norris, and Sheldon Wade, who created the film’s much-discussed prosthetics .

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