Ellen Pompeo shares Izzie GIF earlier than Gray’s Anatomy is subsequent revealed and followers are there for it

Ellen Pompeo sent pulses to Grey’s Anatomy fans with a simple GIF before a second big surprise was revealed on the show. Are you coming who comes back?

Last week, Grey’s Anatomy premiered the 17th season of the original cast member Patrick Dempsey as the late Derek Shepherd, who reunited with her character Meredith Gray in a dream sequence. As if that weren’t shocking enough for fans, a new promo has promised that “another person will return from their past” for a December 3rd episode.

On Thursday November 19, the veteran female star fueled rumors that the mysterious person is Katherine Heigl, who left the show in 2010 after playing against Izzie Stevens for the first six seasons. Pompeo tweeted, “Hey, it’s Grey’s day !!!” next to a GIF that shows her and Heigl’s characters together in an episode of the third season.

Of course, fans freaked out and speculated when one person tweeted, “IZZIE IS COMING BACK?”

“Hey … can you give us a clue who’s next on the beach?” Another person tweeted, to which Pompeo replied, “Ummmmmm … No.”

Another user wrote: “IS IT GEORGE … we have to wait 2 mf weeks ??? I can’t.” Pompeo replied, “This @ ABCNetwork promo department is playing with you in a big way, no? @GreysABC”

The actress added, “If you really think about it … there are a lot of people who could be.”

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