Eva Marcille impresses followers with a video for the birthday weekend – watch it right here

Eva Marcille impressed the fans with a birthday video that she shared on her social media account. Check out the clip below.

‘What a weekend!!! I am really blessed. Repost by @ rickiebobbie1 what a weekend to celebrate one of my best friends love you on the long way @evamarcille !!! @draecrenshaw @miketsterling @iambarbielee @ kandis.sterling @mzshyneka @ellybevents @cynthiabailey you guys are some real MVPs, no new friends E is blessed to have all of you !!! ‘Eva wrote in her caption.

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She went on and said, “And before anyone starts to question my security measures, they know that they are definitely in place. My dinner was private, everyone was tested and confirmed negative for Covid. My party was private, my attendees were tested and negative for Covid. Just in case someone is wondering. ‘


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Someone said, “Eva, I wouldn’t worry about people asking you about social distance, don’t explain, or” and another follower posted this message, “What a bombshell for the birthday weekend”.

Another commenter wrote, “I pray you had a wonderful time” and someone else said, “Happy birthday, beautiful Eva who sends you a lot of joy and love.”

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Someone else wrote: “What … we no longer protect ourselves on site? We no longer practice PPE ant? We no longer care about our health and the health of others? We’ll just hang out and take our risk. RECKLESS BEHAVIOR… HAPPY EARTH DAY BUT VERY RECKLESS BEHAVIOR. ‘

In other breaking news, Eva Marcille shared a video on her social media account that found and followers were surprised that Mike Sterling prepared for her birthday.

‘How my husband @miketsterling did it, I don’t know. But somehow he got my favorite singers, the King and Queen, to wish me a happy birthday. Thank you @tobenwigwe and @tobecallsmefat I absolutely love you guys. Congratulations on the new addition. And thank you for making my birthday special. «Eva wrote her contribution.

Eva and Mike definitely live their best lives together.


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