Eva Mendes took a break from social media due to her and Ryan Gosling’s daughter

Eva Mendes retired from social media, all because of a comment from her and her partner Ryan GoslingDaughter.

The actress who shares daughters Esmeralda, 6 and LoverThe 4 year old shared a post from @LatinxParenting’s Twitter account on her Instagram with her co-star “Place Beyond the Pines”. The post encourages parents to allow their children to call them because “Children can be so focused on their worth that they take nothing less than the respect they deserve”.

The post continues, “You are not going to take BS. Not even from you. Congratulations, you raised an empowered child.”

Eva apparently had something to do with the tweet. She wrote in the headline: “Thank you @latinxparenting for this important reminder. I haven’t posted anything lately because my little one told me I’ve been on the phone too much.”

The Hitch star added, “I could tell she took it personally. And she’s a kid, of course she would take it personally. They take things personally unless we make every effort to make them clear that it’s not personal. “”

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