Excision’s subsidies are heavy in your face “Evening” Vol 2 compilation

Back in September Excision started his new label Help with three massive compilations of 118 songs in total. Now the fresh label is back with its Night: Vol 2 compilation and another 20 songs and has made 138 releases in just a few months. Without a doubt, Subsidia is the fastest growing label of 2020, not a competition.

The night is Subsidia’s home for the heaviest blasts, the cream of the harvest for the worst wobbly movements and the strongest drops. Twenty new songs are now in heavy rotation from names like Codd Dubz, Antiserum, JEANIE, Lev3l and Dubscribe with a brand new remix of “Robo Kitty”. However, Night Vol 2 also has many, many names that you may not be familiar with such as Chassi & BLU PILL, KULTIVATE, Cyclops, Automhate, Whiskers, and more.

Check out the full compilation below for today’s dose of severity!

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