Famba Drops Music Video For Newest Single “Name Name You Mine” [SONY Canada]

If there is one artist who has had a solid year so far, it is Famba. His first release of 2021, Still Call You Mine, is a track that has had great success so far and features a large playlist including the cover of Spotify’s Mint Canada and Hot Hits Canada and Apple’s DanceXL & New in Dance.

“Still Call You Mine” is the first track on Famba’s upcoming second EP, Wishes Vol. 2, due later this year via Sony Music Entertainment Canada. Wish Vol. 2 will be a musical monument for Famba, as it directs its sound back to its sonic roots with a clear shift towards club-oriented songs with noticeable underground inspirations.

Now he’s released an epic music video for this standout song that will lock you in the minute you hit play. The director Alex Gayoso (Frank Walker, REZZ) gracefully combines the lively beat of “Still Call You Mine” with choreographed stunts to place the viewer in the midst of an exciting diamond heist. Caught between their passion for love and crime, Famba’s relationship with his co-star is put to the ultimate test when the two secret agents battle it out on a mission.

The action-packed video and the raw, emotional lyric symbiotically tell an intense story of romance and engagement. Check out the video below!

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