Fargo: 10 Behind The Scenes Information About The Coen Brothers Film

Steve Buscemi and Peter Stormare were run over in real life while filming

The triple murder that sets off the entire bundling of the kidnapping in Fargo’s plot is triggered when the characters Carl and Gaear from Buscemi and Stormare are handcuffed with Jean by the police. According to Stormare, life would imitate the art of the two actors that night.

Stormare, who describes it at length for the Huffington Post, says that after filming the cop killer scene, the crew decided to go get pancakes early that morning. Buscemi drove his co-star, but Stormare says he’s not the best driver. Buscemi apparently missed the junction to the restaurant, made an illegal U-turn, and then walked down a one-way street. Cops saw that and dragged her over.

Just like in the film, Buscemi cannot show the officer the registration of the car because it is a rental. Fortunately, the similarities end there.

Stormare says that Buscemi somehow managed to get out of the situation without a ticket, despite being confused by all of this and wondering if it was a Coens prank. It was not.

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