Filed by Bell Star Dustin Diamond, who was recognized with Stage four most cancers

After being hospitalized this week with a mysterious illness, Saved by the bell Star Dustin Diamond was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Recently it was reported that Diamond sought medical treatment after experiencing immense pain all over his body. With his mother dying of breast cancer, there were concerns that Dustin might also fight cancer, and unfortunately doctors have found those fears to be true.

For TMZ Dustin Diamond He reportedly has cancer all over his body and has already started his first round of chemotherapy treatments. It was also reported that Diamond felt a lump in his throat that led to his diagnosis. The actor noted that Dustin is also in pain because he has shingles. The forecast is clearly very bleak and the TV star could use all the prayers and wishes he could get them now.

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“We can currently confirm that Dustin has cancer,” said a statement on Diamond’s Facebook page. “Dustin will post more information as it becomes available and a plan is made for the future … We ask everyone to respect Dustin’s privacy at this difficult time. All positives and prayers are appreciated.”

Diamond played Samuel “Screech” Powers in every episode of Saved by the Bell, as well as in the two original spin-off shows, The New Class and The College Years. He has not appeared in any of the cast meetings since the series ended and has not been asked to repeat the role in Peacock’s new reboot series “Saved by the Bell,” although most of the other original characters have returned. Last year, Diamond spoke of his disappointment that he wasn’t invited to be part of the new show.

“We put so much time and effort into it,” explained Diamond. “How did you save without screeching through the bell? Right? I mean it seems like there was a missed opportunity there.”

While Screech was nowhere to be seen in the first season of the reboot, it was still possible to get the character back in a possible second season. Diamond’s former co-star Elizabeth Berkley broached the situation on What What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in November, teasing that Screech could return after she hadn’t spoken to Dustin in a while.

“So, I don’t know if he’s going to show up. We’ll see if there’s another season. Maybe there is something to discover and I haven’t spoken to him in a long time,” Berkeley said at the time. “Honestly, since I thought we finished the show, the last time I spoke to him, but not about anything bad. I mean, he’s always been nice to me and he’s had his trip, but I really have more in there contact with Mark-Paul, Tiffany, Mario and then from time to time with Lark. “

Hopefully one day Dustin can return to the Saved by the Bell franchise, but the focus right now is on Dustin getting better. Since Diamond needs a lot of support at the moment, fans are encouraged to send their good wishes in letters or cards. Emails can also be sent as they are printed out and sent to Diamond. Currently, Dustin’s team is requesting that these addresses not be used for autograph requests as they are not. E-mails wishing Dustin well can be sent to [email protected]and physical cards and letters can be mailed to Insurance King, Dustin Diamond, 127 N. Alpine Rd., Rockford, IL 61107.

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