Florence Welch celebrates 7 years of sobriety: “Please do not hand over”

Florence Welch celebrates an important milestone.

The 34-year-old singer celebrated seven years of sobriety on Tuesday, February 2 Florence and the machine star went to Instagram and sent “love and support to everyone who has problems”.

“If you feel unsteady about ED problems, drugs, or alcohol, I totally understand,” she wrote. “The desire to break up is so great. But please don’t give up. We will need you on the other side.”

Welch had read up on her journey to sobriety before. For example, in a 2019 piece written for British Vogue, she recalled being sober at the age of 27, just months after her mother gave a speech to friends at her birthday party – “really a plea” – and asked them to keep them alive and “out of the infamous ’27 Club ‘”.

For Welch, celebration was, as she put it, a “defining characteristic” of her personality. In fact, she said Rolling Stone music and alcohol were her “first two loves”.

“When I quit, I felt like I was abandoning a spirit of rock history that I just couldn’t handle anymore,” she told the release in 2018. “It was monumental. It wasn’t like, ‘I want to be healthy and I need a change. “It was like,” I’m going to die. I have to stop. ” “

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