Flux Pavilion broadcasts launch date for 16-track sophomore album ‘.wav’

Flux Pavilion is preparing for the release of his second album and the hype is real!

After a string of 2020 singles and remixes, the bass music legend will resurface early next year bringing us a brand new work called the title .wav. The 16-track album doesn’t have an official tracklist yet, but we can expect recent releases like “You & I” with Kata Kozma and “Sink Your Teeth In” with Drowsy to appear.

Flux Pavilion rocked the dubstep scene with its 2013 Blow up the roof EP and again in 2015 with his debut album Tesla. His classic “I Can’t Stop” remains a popular dubstep anthem and his discography contains many timeless cuts including “Bass Cannon”, “Catch Me with Naaz”, “Emotional” and more.

Flux reveals that .wav will be released on January 21, 2021. It is certain that the vast majority of the bass community will stop what they are doing and will listen as soon as the album is released.

Pre-save here and listen to the preview below!

River Pavilion – .wav

It’s boys here. The official release date for my 16-track album.

‘.wav’ lands on January 21, 2021 and you can save now. I can’t wait to share this with you. https://t.co/qsQbOvXE5E pic.twitter.com/R1AzWx2Hba

– River Pavilion (@Fluxpavilion) November 25, 2020

Photo via Rukes.com

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