Former Death Row Producer: Suge Knight To Sleep With Halle Berry !!

Former Death Row Records producer Kurt Kobane sat down for an interview with The Art of Dialogue recently, in which he claimed that label boss Suge Knight used to sleep with Hollywood actress Halle Berry.

“You have to understand who Suge Knight was at the time. He was a young guy, millionaire plus, so he had access to all Hollywood women,” he said.

“There were love letters we found after Suge went to jail when he wanted us to sort things out. There were love letters from Halle Berry. I saw these love letters. I saw Halle Berry in the studio, I did just didn’t do it. ” I know what she was there for. She was in love with him at the time. “

Halle recently spooked fans when she rocked the Oscars with a tragic short bob. After the event, Halle claimed the bob was just kidding and that it wasn’t her real hair at all. Her fans were relieved to say the least.


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