Galantis and JVKE type Pop Bliss on “Dandelion”

Galantis Never slow down In the middle of a challenging year, the Swedish duo released their third studio album, shared three remixes and created new no-album singles. From an unconventional collaboration with bass music kingpin NGHTMRE to shooting a DJ set for a live stream and virtual prom for the Ryan Murphy film The Prom for Netflix, Galantis continue to find weird but engaging ways to improve their sound and audience to expand.

Their latest single “Dandelion” follows this trend. Her youngest employee is the nineteen-year-old TikTok star JVKE. Since its title “Upside Down” was first published in the social media app, JVKE has become the latest internet sensation. JVKE plays over 20 million tracks with its track “Upside Down” and grabs a Charlie Puth remix. This is evidence of the growing influence TikTok is having on the music industry. This makes the new collaboration between the three surprising and logical. What began as a chance meeting on Instagram Live is now a brand new pop track kicking off 2021.

“Löwenzahn” is a catchy tune. It starts with feminine vocals and bubbly lyrics. JVKE steps in with his breathless, sweet singing while the drum beat meets the gentle, flowery melody. The track, which began as a JVKE demo with Galantis, has become a torrent of echoing pipes and bouncing timbre. Their chemistry is amazing and shows the potential of this song to be an important facet in future Galantis sets.

Now, everywhere check out the new Galantis and JVKE song “Dandelion” as well as the new lyric video below.

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