George Clooney stars within the New Buck Rogers TV collection for Legendary

Duck Dodgers spinoff when?

George Clooney in gravity

Following the path to the stars in Solaris, Heavinessand his recently staged The midnight Sky, George Clooney has booked another one-way ticket into space. The Wrap reports that Clooney will produce a new TV series that will take over the long-standing, influential character Buck Rogers – and he will also play in it.

George Clooney and Caoilinn Springall in the midnight sky

For strangers, Buck Rogers was originally introduced in the 1928 pulp amendment Armageddon A.D. 2419 from the author Philip Francis Nowlan. He was a hit and appeared in many other pulp stories, comics, and radio series after his intergalactic adventures. On screen, he appeared in 1930s film series, an ABC TV series from 1950, and an NBC TV series from 1979. His stories helped promote science fiction as an accessible, fun, and family-friendly genre by they combined technological space exploration with classic heroism. It is not an exaggeration to say that there are none war of stars without Buck Rogers.

The cast of Buck Rogers on NBC

Image via NBC

Clooney will be producing this new TV version of the character with a regular production partner Grant Heslov through their Smokehouse banner (Catch-22) for the Studio of the Moment Legendary (Godzilla vs. Kong). And while the character he would play is not reported, the Wrap reports that he is talking to Legendary to star on the series. Will he play Buck Rogers himself? An older version of the character who hands over the reins to his grandson and is played by an offspring? Will he just use the robot’s voice and call it a day?

Don Murphy and Susan Montford will also be producing the series through its Angry Films banner (Real Steel), as will the screenwriter Flint Dille, the grandson of the original Buck Rogers publishing house John F. Dille. The productive multimedia author Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The Last Man) was typed to write the series. No further network, plot or casting details are known yet.

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