Glorious Lord of the Rings present concepts for any Center-earth fan

This copy of recipes from the world of Tolkien for the Middle-earth connoisseur

There has been more than one occasion that I’ve sat down to see the Lord of the Rings only to feel starved before Sam even breaks out his bundle of food. So hungry, in fact, that the creation of the orcs made me hungry for some reason. If you want to help the Middle-earth fan in your life (or maybe yourself) avoid a similar fate in the future, get yourself a copy of Recipes from the World of Tolkien: Inspired by the Legends, a 176-page cookbook loaded with delicious meals and treats, divided according to the time of day. Whether it’s breakfast, second breakfast, raises, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, or dinner, this book should do more than surprise you. Just don’t forget the potatoes …

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