Godzilla: 2014 Monster Film is lastly coming to 4K Blu-Ray

I will forever defend this strangely calm monster movie!


For those who want to familiarize themselves with the legendary monster verse again before March 31st, destroy us all with it Godzilla versus Kong on HBO Max (although both aren’t as tall as the tall vampire from Resident Evil Village;; Sorry) Legendary and Warner Bros. just made your update look a little better. The 2014 Monster Reboot that started it all, simply named Godzilla, is finally coming to 4K Blu-Ray on March 23rd.


Godzilla was guided by the somewhat risky choice Gareth Edwardswho broke through with his micro-budget indie monster. And many Godzilla fans (and, um, stars of Godzilla) didn’t like Edwards’ visual and narrative choices, especially in his almost adamant refusal to actually show off his title monster. Misdirection, anticipation, fear and absolutely powerful cuts away from the action are the movements of the day; Far from the brawls we get into Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of the Monsters (what I have to imagine was constructed in response to the fear of some fans). If this choice is not for you, God (Zilla) be with you. For me it was an impressive amount of style, class, panache, amazement, horror and awe. It’s rare these days for a big budget blockbuster to impress with its CGI. If we only show it to ourselves directly when we need to, the 2014 Godzilla will always tower above the rest for me.

Godzilla is coming to 4K Blu-Ray on March 23, 2021 (about a week before Godzilla vs. Kong falls). Check out the dope cover and bonus features below.

4K Blu Ray Cover by Godzilla 2014

Image via Warner Bros.

Special featuresOperation: Lucky Dragon (2:44): A “vintage” film about the origins of Monarch and the group’s first encounters with Godzilla.MONARCH: The MUTO File (4:29): A “modern” piece that deals with the fictional dealt with history of MUTO since the 1940s. The Godzilla Revelation (7:25): A “television documentary” that sums up the events depicted in the film and pieces together the larger story from the perspective of a researcher who is not familiar with all the facts to begin with. Godzilla: Force of Nature (7:18 pm): The cast and crew look back at the origins of the franchise, the parallels with modern history, the construction of a serious film, the design of creatures, the photographic style and the importance of perspective, the construction digital effects and scale, the drama of the film, Gareth Edwards’ style and more. A Whole New Level of Destruction (8:24): A closer look at sets and locations, and the creation of several key moments of destructive chaos, including practical and digital elements. Into the Void: The HALO Leap (5:00): The filmmakers abduct the audience into the creation of one of the film’s legendary scenes, including pre-visualization, practical and digital elements, and sound. Ancient Enemy: The MUTOs (6:49): A look at the role of the MUTOs in the film, their physical design, and the creatures’ sound design.

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