Good Doctor Gender Reveal: Shaun and Lea will have one [Spoiler]!


Monday’s episode of The Good Doctor was timed to coincide with the moment #Shea fans have been expecting over the past three weeks: Before the opening credits rolled, Lea received the results of the fetal DNA test, which revealed the baby’s gender.

“It’s a girl! We have a girl!” Said the expectant mother excitedly. She was overjoyed. Shaun, on the other hand, was, um … what’s the word I’m looking for? Shaun was there? Yeah, let’s go with the present.

After Dr. Murphy had found out the gender of her unborn child, he made concerted efforts to be a more supportive partner to Lea. This included accompanying his girlfriend to the Lamaze class, where he made all expectant mothers nervous when he mentioned the possibility of uncontrollable bowel movements during childbirth. (To nobody’s surprise, Shaun and Lea were asked to find another Lamaze class. The look on Claire’s face when Dr. Murphy relayed the news was invaluable.)

When Lea coordinated that she and Shaun should meet with Theresa, a future doula, Shaun was not pleased. He can try to give Lea everything she needs in the delivery room, he said – the key word is try – but Lea wants security. She needs to know that someone will be by her side to give her a massage with just the right amount of pressure, or to lend a hand to press really hard, or to provide a damp washcloth right away. Leaving those responsibilities to Shaun would be “a setup for failure,” she said. Shaun wasn’t convinced, however. After all, he’d already looked at antimicrobial washcloths!

To advance his research, Shaun went into a delivery room, pen and paper in hand. After telling the expectant mother that it was too late for an epidural, the carefree obstetrician notified Glassman. In Glassman’s office, Shaun explained to his surrogate father that he wanted Lea to have everything she could ever want when it came to giving birth to her child … except for a doula. “Why can’t you just give her what she needs?” Glassman asked. Shaun had no answer.

Later that night, Shaun presented Lea with an electronic massager that he had just ordered for her. He also bought a pair of pot holders so she could squeeze his hand as tightly as she would like on the delivery day. “I can make you feel safe and comfortable,” he said. “I am the father. I will be a good father. You do not need [a doula]. “But Lea remained firm. “My body, my birth experience, and I want it to be there with me, so we will have one,” she said. (You tell him, Lea!)

Shaun finally came up with the idea of ​​a doula as if he had another choice. When they returned home, he told Leah that he wanted her unborn daughter to have everything she wanted. He also wants Lea to have everything she wants in the delivery room. Then he opened her apartment door and revealed that he had hired Theresa.

In addition to the major gender reveal, this week’s episode paved the way for the inevitable pairing of Morgan and Park. After three rounds in the poke – or “burn off calories” as Park put it – Morgan tried to lay down some basic rules for their non-relationship: Park was not allowed to leave his phone charger with her; It cannot simply “plug in” without the consent of the charger. (Heh.) She also told him that he had to see other people. She hacked his Bumble account and uploaded the ultimate photo of the “thirst trap”. He ultimately didn’t care about any of his games, but he did care about the pediatric resident Dr. Boyd. Park and Boyd left the hospital together at the end of the lesson – and Morgan didn’t look particularly enthusiastic.

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