Good Hassle Video: The Fosters Fam Returns For A Farewell Occasion – And You may By no means Guess Who Else Is Again!


Talk about a blast from the Foster’s past! Most of the Callie and Mariana family will return to the spinoff Good Trouble in season 3. But there’s also another familiar face that makes a shocking appearance in the exclusive promo from TVLine (Spoiler alert!): Jude’s friend became the love interest Connor (played by Gavin MacIntosh)!

“The episode is Brandon and Eliza’s farewell party,” says executive producer Joanna Johnson before moving to Amsterdam. Eliza’s parents, Jim (Robert Gant) and Diane (Susan Walters), host the theme Shindig, which offers “lots of fun surprises”. You don’t say that! In the video below, Brandon and Eliza have a bomb that they want to drop at the last minute. The biggest gasp, however, comes courtesy of Connor, who was last seen during a third season of The Fosters in 2016.

Viewers can also “expect a lot of humor because we always enjoy having fun with our Foster family,” added Johnson. And Stef’s reaction to her required party attire is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Elsewhere, there is some tension between Callie and her (ex?) Beau Jamie as the two tackle the latest problems in their relationship. (You can read more about it here.)

Good Trouble Season 3 premieres this Wednesday at 10 / 9c on Freeform. The eventful Foster’s reunion takes place in episode 4. Press PLAY below to view the promo, then hit the comments for your thoughts on the unexpected comeback!

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