Good Physician Recap: Meet the Dad and mom


No amount of talking points was enough for Shaun to prepare for dinner with Lea’s parents in Monday’s episode of The Good Doctor. No, this “foreseeable catastrophe” turned out exactly as Lea had feared.

For starters, Lea’s mother Pam (Julie Warner of Nip / Tuck) asked Shaun if autism made his job more difficult. And because that wasn’t terrible enough, her dad Mike (Riverdales Barclay Hope) went and asked Shaun for his opinion on vaccines – although there’s no link between autism and vaccines. To ease the tension, Dr. Murphy shares an anecdote about an end-stage patient who had to have a hemorrhoid surgically removed.

“He only had a few months to live and that wasn’t going to change, but the operation made him more comfortable,” Shaun said. “I suggest we treat this evening like hemorrhoid surgery.”

The suggestion made Mike laugh, but it didn’t smooth out his and Pam’s problems with Lea’s relationship. The following afternoon Lea received a text from Mama that read: “We have to talk about Shaun.” Their rents didn’t believe their daughter was mature enough for such a “complicated relationship,” but Shaun was determined to prove them wrong. He confronted Pam and Mike at their hotel and defended the relationship.

“You said our relationship has challenges. You’re right, ”he said. “Lea and I face challenges together. That makes us stronger. Lea asks me to try things out, including things that I know I don’t like because it’s not always better to stop and think. and I make Lea patient because I can be very frustrating. You can both do that too. “

In the end, Lea’s parents tried to make amends for the trouble they had caused. They stopped at the apartment and invited Shaun and Lea to dinner.

The episode also touched Glassman’s feelings towards Lea. At a mock dinner Shaun staged to prepare for the arrival of Pam and Mike, his surrogate father made it clear he didn’t like Lea, but fears their relationship is going too fast – which I must say for one Man who is quite rich, quite rich proposed to his current wife after a single date.

Later, Glassman and Lea had a heart to heart in the hospital. He told her she was smart, she was funny and she made Shaun happy – which also means, “You can make him very, very sad and that worries me,” he explained. “Everything Shaun has been through, all this rejection and pain… The victories are his, but I feel every single high and every single low. I’m sorry, but I won’t stop worrying about him even if he doesn’t need me. “And with that, the two most important people in Shaun’s life came to an agreement.

Elsewhere this week …

* Lim did her best to push Claire away – at some point there was indeed pressure involved! – when her friend / protégé asked her to get the help she needed. Concerned that Lim is on the same destructive path as her own mother, Claire went straight to Glassman to bring the matter up – and not a moment too soon. Lim’s refusal to address her PTSD has apparently started to weigh on her work, as revealed when she confronted the patient of the week – teenage gymnast Darya (Nancy Drews Eden Summer Gilmore) – with a life or death decision .

* While the team worked on Darya’s father (Kristoffer Polaha of Life Unexpected), who was also in need of medical attention, Andrews urged Olivia to improve her game and show everyone what she is capable of as a surgeon. In the end, Dr. However, Jackson realizes that she will never live up to her uncle’s expectations – and she agrees with that. If he wants to care for one of the residents of the surgery, it should be Olivia.

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