‘Gorilla Glue Lady’ was operated on: the glue is gone and he or she retains her hair! (Video)

The girl who went viral for putting gorilla glue in her hair finally had surgery and the glue was removed.

“The operation went well,” said Dr. Michael Obeng, director of MiKO Plastic Surgery, told CBS Los Angeles. “Tessica is fine. She is awake. The hair crew does their hair. “

“When I found out that this is a reality, the only way to feel is compassion and sympathy for Tessica,” Obeng told CBS LA on Tuesday. “The process will be to dissolve the polyurethane that Gorilla Glue is made of.”


The operation lasted four hours and Tessica Brown was lightly anesthetized. TMZ says she was emotional when she ran her fingers through her hair.

Last week, hospital staff had no idea how to treat Tessica Brown’s scalp after using the super-strong glue as a hairspray – and decided to use alcohol to dissolve the glue over the weekend. However, the adhesive softened before curing immediately and did not improve the situation.

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