Gray’s Anatomy Winter Finale Recap: [Spoiler] Worse nonetheless – a well-recognized face additionally returns

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Thursday’s winter finale from Grey’s Anatomy. If you’d rather watch first, read later and scrub now.

At the start of the Grey’s Anatomy finale on Thursday, it looked like Meredith really was out of the woods. As Maggie Winston said, not only was her sister awake, “she was laughing.” But of course the appearances can (and are) deceiving in this ABC drama. By the end of the lesson, Mer had … well, read on; We’ll get there and as we go through Owen’s reaction to Teddy’s difficult confession, the great shock inflicted on Maggie, and the explosion from the past that causes DeLuca to play a dangerous chase game.

“Who hit you with a lucky stick?” | When “No Time for Despair” began, Maggie was surprised when Winston joked that he just wasn’t suitable for a long distance relationship and abruptly ended her call. (Are hangups his thing?) Still, nothing dampened her mood after Mer woke up. The news even cheered Tom, who based his chances of recovery on Grey’s. If she could do it, he said, “Maybe I won’t die alone and forget.” Nearby, Jo tried to bring up the topic of her career change with Richard, but he had much bigger fish to fry: Due to the pandemic, Seattle Pres had reached capacity, which meant Gray Sloan was about to have double the expected number of patients arriving to get . Even so, he encouraged Bailey to go home and grieve for her mother. But just as he couldn’t leave the hospital when he needed it, Miranda couldn’t leave the ship either. Really, Teddy was the doctor who needed a break the most. After yelling at Webber that “taking a break is not going to save anyone and I have nowhere to go anyway,” he called her [bleep]. Your situation with Owen, he said, “that’s up to you and you know it’s up to you.” Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she had to take stock to make sure she was repeating the destructive pattern that had blown her life up for the last time.

“THE COAST IS CLEAR FOR SATAN’S ARRIVAL” | Meanwhile, the hospital was preparing for the arrival of Bob, the subhuman who abducted two girls in Ward 19 on Thursday (read the full recap here). First the teenagers were moved to another floor, then Jackson apologized; he didn’t want to be near the pig. When Bob arrived he was as mean as advertised, insisting that the girls broke into his house and set it on fire. Pull the other off. In the emergency room, Bob quickly found that Owen believed the girls, not his patient. Still, he would keep Bob alive if he just spent the rest of his life behind bars. “You’re the devil’s grill,” said Hunt, “so get used to the smell of burning meat.” After Bob passed out and apparently had a stroke, he was turned by – dun dun DUNNN! – Opal, the sex dealer Cindy Erin had finally fled from. (Hey, I didn’t say the familiar face that came back was one we’d love to see.) Opal had betrayed her way to the hospital by claiming a robbery and well … well what to do villains generally do: lurk. At the same time, Jackson assured young Jada that he would take her mother out of custody (where she ended up with Bob after an altercation), and Maggie empathized with Shanice’s mother, who, after all this, wondered why she was’ me Still had to get up in the morning and go to work like nothing had happened because hey, she still had to pay the rent … after her child was kidnapped … during a pandemic.

“Good luck with your plague!” | After the patient who shared his room died, a shaken Koracick snuck into Mer’s room for a visit. “I just wanted to see for myself that it was possible to beat this thing,” he said before admitting, “I really just wanted to be in a room where nobody dies … because everyone dies.” As the incredibly cute scene continued, they held hands. “I won’t tell if you don’t,” said Mer, the familiar twinkle back in her eyes. They later even laughed when he announced that neurosurgeons were surgeons’ best lovers. “OK, it was very nice that you stop by,” she joked. Outside the hospital, Amelia Maggie admitted that she could have easily killed him doing Bob’s surgery with Owen, but she hadn’t because she swore an oath. Still, what he’d done was an outrage. In response, Maggie said that the real outrage was “the monsters that brought us here … the many reasons black girls are more vulnerable and rarely seen as victims in the first place”. Hell, Maggie continued, “Now there’s a plague that is killing blacks at a rate that should outrage everyone. If COVID was killing white people at the speed it is killing black people, you’d better believe everyone would be wearing masks because it would be the damn law. “Way to bring the thunder, Maggie!

“You’re superhuman … you know that, right?” | When Bailey admitted that she couldn’t bring herself to take a patient to the room where her mother had died, DeLuca encouraged her to take a break. “Even superhumans take more than a minute to grieve over the loss of the person who made them what they are,” he said. A while later, after Gray Sloan managed to transfer 27 patients in less than five hours, she told DeLuca that she took his advice and screamed into a pillow. Now all she had to do was figure out what to do with a memorial service. However, she was madly proud of DeLuca when he said he had to go to take his medication and rest. And who should he recognize when leaving? Opal. Carina happened to be right there too, so she volunteered to drive when he insisted on tracking the sex dealer himself. I have a bad feeling about how this will end for Andrew. At Mer’s, Maggie woke up to a whole mess of missed calls from Winston and … oh! He at her door with a bouquet of flowers. “I told you the long distance call wasn’t working for me,” he said. (As romantic as the moment was, was it a good idea? Um …)

“We named our daughter after a lie” | Back in Gray Sloan, Owen softened up on Teddy and let her confess that her old friend Allison wasn’t just an old friend. “It’s the only secret I’ve kept from Tom from you,” Altman said, “and I know it’s linked.” She would try to figure it out, and herself, and … Uh-oh. Owen laughed hysterically. He’d wondered when she’d turned into someone who could cheat on him on their wedding day. “It turns out you haven’t changed,” he said. “I just never really knew you.” At the hospital, Mer heard a blue code in the room across from hers, so she got out of bed and began CPR. Just as Gray was stabilizing the patient, the doctor collapsed in Taryn’s arms. (Not in the way Helm had ever imagined, that’s for sure.) Shortly afterwards Richard consulted with Teddy and Amelia. Despite Mer’s rally, her “lungs are at a breaking point,” Altman said. So Webber called to put her on a vent – a procedure so nightmarishly to watch that it should convince even the greatest skeptic out there to already wear her damn mask. What do you think of the mid-season finale? Rate it in the poll below, then hit the comments with your ratings.

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