GRiZ pronounces seventh annual 12-day GRiZMAS Festivities & Pageant [DETAILS]

GRiZ just announced my 7th year 12 days GRiZMAS Event!

The main Detroit vacation series will be very different this year. The celebrations will be streamed live on Twitch and Zoom from December 12-23. Fans around the world will soon be getting live streams, activities, and charitable initiatives to make a difference.

This year the GRiZMAS Digital Charity Festival offers a breathtaking, genre-bending cast Destructo, AC Slater, J. Worra, Blunts & Blondes, Sunsquabi, ProbCause, Codes and more than 10 unannounced artists. Oh yes, and a two-hour live performance by GRiZ itself!

GRiZ’s has been around since 2014 The 12 Days of GRiZMAS series made a real impact in Detroit and the surrounding communities, raising over $ 200,000 in the past two years alone. Together with local non-profit organizations Seven milesGRiZMAS aims to raise funds for music education, arts programs, and coding classes, all of which are important creative opportunities for urban youth.

The DJ / producer was honored with the “Spirit of Detroit” for his ongoing GRiZMAS efforts – and at this particularly difficult time, it is important for GRiZ to support the city that raised him. With this rate from GRiZMAS, GRiZ continues its journey as a beacon of positivity both globally and in its own backyard through its mission of connectivity and authenticity.

It’s the best time of the year!

RSVP & donation to 12 days GRiZMAS:

12 day GRiZMAS 2020 schedule

12/12 – Killer Crafts & Cocktails
13.12. – Holiday Jazz Stream with GRiZ & Friends
12/14 – Digital charity auction
15.12. – Bake cookies with Mama GRiZ
16.12. – Global microphone night
December 17 – Serve our community day
December 18 – Team Trivia Day
19.12. – snow day
December 20 – Community Yoga Day
December 21 – Kulabunga activity day
22.12. – Family board game evening
23.12. – GRiZMAS Digital Charity Festival

Photo via Jason Siegel Photography

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