Harry Shum Jr. really stunned Jessica Rothe for the lovable marriage proposal for Flash Mob in Netflix’s All My Life

We rehearsed and I pre-recorded a song and then we found out, “Am I doing it live? Which method should we go? ‘And then I said,’ How do we surprise them to get a reaction? ‘ And Jess just had a brilliant idea that I think is brave as an actor: “Well, I don’t want to go to rehearsals to see her. I’d rather just be surprised and live in the moment. ‘I think that’s what allowed that kind of energy to happen on this screen. We as a group, all the rest of the cast, just wanted to surprise her and find ways to get a reaction from her because she had never seen it before. So it almost felt like a real proposition in many ways. And also so as not to make it dance and musical. It’s just a real, intimate moment.

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