Hear Tori Amos’ new tune “Higher Amos”

Earlier this month, Tori Amos announced her upcoming vacation EP called Christmastide. Now she has shared the first single from the record. Listen to Better Angels below. In a statement, Tori Amos said:

With “Better Angels” I wanted to recognize the year we all went through and know that there is hope. We can find that hope within ourselves if we continue to focus our collective thoughts and souls. We are slowly beginning to find a clearer way to transform ourselves for the better together.

The four-track Christmastide EP will be released on December 4th via Decca. The record was recorded in collaboration with drummer Matt Chamberlain and bassist Jon Evans. Earlier this year, Amos published a book called Resistance that traces Amos’ life as a songwriter. In 2005 Amos co-wrote the autobiography piece by piece with Ann Powers.

Tori Amos’ last studio album was Native Invader, which was released in 2017.

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