How Carly Pearce turned death and divorce into her most powerful music yet

“I think it gave me a perspective of looking at death in a way that was more uplifting than anything I’ve heard,” she shared. “He was such a pleasant person that people loved so much. He has three daughters under 10 and I just wanted them to hear something and feel that their father was close to them.”

As for her divorce from Michael, Carly couldn’t help but address the crucial moment in her life story. But instead of creating a series of songs that focus solely on heartbreak, the country singer set out to offer sounds about hope and healing as well.

“I got into this project and accepted that this happened to me, but I saw it as a time of refinement instead of defining myself,” she recalled. “I think that in my music you will hear that if you go through something – yes, mine was a divorce – but you will be able to find some light with this music at the end of the tunnel. Because I’ve been through this, I’m better off that . “

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