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Warning: This post contains major spoilers for Tuesday’s Big Sky. Proceed accordingly.

Rumors of Rick Legarski’s death may have been grossly exaggerated the first time around (including, oops !, From us. Who knew someone could survive a bullet to the brain at close range ?!). But on Tuesday’s Big Sky, the Montana State Trooper came to an end when Ms. Merilee split her skull with a hammer.

Merilee had been marginalized by her husband’s role in a sex trafficking ring and a string of murders, as well as her nagging feeling that he was faking the brain damage that could keep him out of prison. When Cassie, Jenny, and the sheriff’s office flooded Ronald’s house (but failed to catch Legarski’s cunning accomplices), Merilee arrived at her husband’s hospital room and brandished the hammer that nearly killed her a few episodes earlier.

“Does that even jog your memory?” she asked and cited several references (his mention of her menopause, his singing of certain songs) as evidence that he remembered far more than he said. And when he continued to claim ignorance, she waved the hammer in anger and left his head bloody on the pillow of the hospital bed.

“In most of the narratives, television is not a moral universe in which we are ready to have people like [Rick] Go away, “said series star John Carroll Lynch, who plays Rick, on TVLine on Tuesday morning on the phone. Therefore, he added, when the State Trooper disembarked, he was fully on board – and especially with the person who sent him on his way.

Read on to learn more about Lynch’s thoughts on the latest episode, including where he was in “Did Rick feign memory loss?” Debate.

TVLINE | The last time we talked I said, “Legarski is a goner.” You faked me!
Good! Thank you.

TVLINE | But now it seems like the curtain has actually fallen on his final act.
I feel like there will be no more flashbacks. [Laughs]

TVLINE | I’m going to ask my questions in no logical order, starting with: Please tell me you are in possession of this huge cardboard clipping of yourself.
I am absolutely not in possession of the huge cardboard cutout. However, in HOV lanes this would be fantastically helpful as then not only would you have a second person in the car, but also a state trooper. Nobody would stop you!

TVLINE | In this episode, we saw a glimpse of the happier times with Rick and Merilee that we didn’t get much of in today’s story. Tell me about the shooting.
Brooke [Smith, who plays Merilee] and I talked about it yesterday … It’s really a love affair, all the way through the hammer, in both of our opinions. Love doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to. But in the beginning, you seriously understand that this could work. And then over time these two people slowly and profoundly grew apart. And they just didn’t share values. But who would with Rick Legarski? [Laughs] It’s a difficult way for anyone to share values ​​with Legarski.

It was nice to play those scenes with Brooke. It’s so great at writing. If you’re writing a revenge story that is essentially going to be like this, it goes like this: who is the person who will most emotionally satisfy the audience in sending this absolutely hideous, hideous person? And there are a long line of people who would have been emotionally satisfying to get rid of Rick Legarski, but none more satisfying than Merilee in my opinion. She deserves it. She deserves it. Psychologically, and I think Brooke did a really good job.

TVLINE | I think it’s great that Rick took a polygraph test and passed it with flying colors. Nobody seemed to be able to tell whether they were lying or not. But Merilee knew.
But does she have? Did she know? Did he fake it?

TVLINE | I was convinced he was faking it because I am convinced that Rick Legarski is the devil.
I like the fact that you don’t know if he really remembers or not. You will never be given that. But there is evidence of it. The words he uses are words that – the menopause thing is the wrong answer every day, but especially this day. [Laughs]

TVLINE | I loved the idea that hadn’t had him the focus of his thinking for a while, was still watching him and knew him so well – I love the idea that he could fool a polygraph, but maybe not the woman who did had been with him for such a long time.
I also think it’s nice, it’s much more emotionally satisfying that a woman who was played for a fool by the two men at the center of the crime isn’t deceived again. And whether he’s serious or not, which he doesn’t remember or not, she makes it clear that she won’t be fooled again. [Laughs] Not from this guy.

TVLINE | Did you know from the start that this would be the end for him?
No, under no circumstances. I didn’t know in episode 8 that it would be for him. No idea. I think I sent a two word email to [executive producers] Horse [Fineman] and Matt [Gross] and David [E. Kelley]: “Perfect. Just perfect.” It was a perfect path for him. And she said, “The idea of ​​you getting out of there? I just can’t handle it. “I think she speaks for America when she says that. The idea that Rick Legarski can get away with this is too much.

TVLINE | Please give me the pros and cons of a character who spent his final episodes in a bed.
The plus is that you always know what you are wearing. That was true across the board for Rick Legarski: he basically had two uniforms. Also … there were moments when I slept, when I slept. [Laughs]… But that’s about it. You lie down all day. That’s what you get paid for. Ridiculous.

The minuses? The hospital gown. [Laughs] There is no dignity in a hospital gown. For everyone.

TVLINE | His secret room has still not been found. The sheriff’s department couldn’t quite find it.
Yes, you have something to explain. I mean he was really good. For all the hatred, you have to pay tribute to Rick Legarski: This guy could lie. He was a very good liar. For years. And it has to be based on some level of truth. You don’t fool people that long without it starting out as something. The description that he is Dudley Do-Right is correct. Something went terribly wrong. And it’s very reminiscent of recent history. How did we get here? How did this person come to make the decisions they made? It seems heartbreaking in a way that he did it. But he did. And people do.

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