Iggy Azaelas BUTT DROPPED; ‘Pull beneath your knees’! (Shock pictures)

Iggy Azalea welcomed their first child, Onyx, in June 2020 and appears to have got most of her old body back – with the exception of her bum – after just eight months.

Pictures of the 30-year-old blonde beauty, taken earlier this week, show she lost almost all of her baby weight while walking at a gas station in Los Angeles.

The Grammy Award nominated rapper was slender in an all-black catsuit, which proves that most of her body is well arched back, but not her butt.

Iggy’s once sexy derriere, given to her with the help of a plastic surgeon, didn’t respond as well to her weight changes and didn’t experience the same setback. Shortly after pictures of the beauty surfaced online, some fans noted that her surgically enhanced bum “fell off”, and some even said he “fell on his knees.”

Here are some of the images that are very unflattering:

IGGY FRONT, YOUR bum is almost up to your knees now

Here is the way it looks from the side


Iggy has posted some pictures of her own from her Instagram page. And those pictures have been HEAVY photoshopped to make their bodies look more normal.


It looks like Iggy needs to be on his way.

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