Is Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania who units up the Younger Avengers?

The foundations for other young Avengers were laid

Cassie Lang and Iron Lad are just two of the characters who made up the main Young Avengers line-up when they debuted in 2005. Originally, Iron Lad recruited Hulking, Patriot, and Wiccan (who were originally acquired by Asgardian), but it wasn’t long before Cassie Lang and Kate Bishop began to work their way into the group. At the end of the debut storyline, Iron Lad left the Young Avengers to accept his villainous fate in order for the timeline to be restored (don’t worry, this version of Kang would return), but a new version of the Android Vision is based on the original operating systems Iron Lad’s vision and advanced technology were brought to life and joined the team. Other members over the years have included Wiccan’s twin brother Speed, Kid Loki, Miss America, Marvel Boy, and Prodigy.

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