Is {that a} Godzilla cheater within the first Godzilla Vs. Kong trailer?

After a very, very long wait, the official trailer for the next episode in Legendary’s MonsterVerse franchise, Godzilla versus Kong has finally arrived. The teaser promises an epic showdown in which the giant monkey Kong acts as the protector of humanity and faces the monstrous Godzilla after the giant lizard has become a villain and attacks cities. While the plot looks pretty cut and dry, the film’s director, Adam Wingard, hinted that there was more going on in promoting the trailer on Instagram than you think.

“The GVK trailer is finally here! I’m over the moon to be able to share the crazy epic mayhem. I know it looks like it’s going to show a lot, but this is just the tip of the monster iceberg;) Leave it to me know if you’re a team godzilla or team kong! ”
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Wingard’s comment only serves to underline certain curiosities that eagle-eye fans have already noticed in the trailer. The biggest curiosity concerns the size of Godzilla. It is known that Godzilla is traditionally a much larger creature than Kong. In the trailer, however, it is shown that the two are very clearly the same size, indicating that the giant monkey has seen a massive growth spurt since his solo film Kong: Skull Island.

But has Kong really grown immeasurably, or was it Godzilla who has shrunk? There are a few points in the trailer that support the latter theory. First we see Kong and Godzilla crouching on an aircraft carrier.

Now, aircraft carriers are no stranger to MonsterVerse. They first appeared in Godzilla in 2014. At the time, the giant lizard was much, much larger than the porters. If this version of Godzilla had been on a support it would have sunk instantly. In the new trailer, however, Godzilla is small enough to stand on the carrier along with Kong to challenge things.

The second clue regarding Godzilla’s smaller size appears in the scene where Kong and Godzilla attack each other within a city. The two monsters are shown to be about as tall as the skyscrapers around them. Again, if we go back to 2014’s Godzilla, the giant lizard in this movie slightly dwarfed the skyscrapers.

The question now is whether this new, smaller version of Godzilla is actually not the true king of the monsters that we saw in the MonsterVerse in previous films. What is this dangerous new creature? There are two possible options.

We already know that Mechagodzilla will be featured in the upcoming film, and the trailer even gave us a glimpse of the huge mechanical creature at the beginning when it appears to be attacking a city. In previous films, Mechagodzilla’s character initially looked like the real Godzilla before the artificial skin was torn from her body and her true shape was revealed. In this film, too, it is possible that the Godzilla, who turned against humanity and whose rampage Kong is brought to a standstill, turns out to be Mechagodzilla.

Given the giant lizard’s small size, it is possible that it is a brood of the original Godzilla. Godzilla Jr. is a beloved part of Godzilla’s mythology, and bringing it into the MonsterVerses would add new depth to Godzilla’s character.

A younger, smaller, and inexperienced child of Godzilla would also explain the creature’s erratic behavior when attacking humanity, given that it is not as knowledgeable about how the world works as the original Godzilla. If Godzilla Jr. attacked humanity in fright, and Kong attacked Godzilla Jr. in response, it would be more than enough reason for the real Godzilla to step into action and brutally knock Kong down.

Directed by Adam Wingard and written by Eric Pearson and Max Borenstein, Godzilla vs. Kong stars Alexander Skarsgard, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall and Brian Tyree Henry. The film will hit theaters on March 26th and on HBO Max.

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