It is Creepy and Loopy: Wednesday Addams will get the Tim Burton therapy on Netflix

She’s creepy, crazy, and the focus.

Netflix confirmed this on Wednesday, February 17th Tim BurtonAddams’ live-action comedy, which turns on Wednesday, has won an eight-episode contract. The upcoming series, aptly titled Wednesday, follows Morticia and Gomez Addams’ death-obsessed daughter as she attends the quirky Nevermore Academy.

Netflix went on to describe the series: “Wednesday is trying to master her emerging psychic abilities, thwart a monstrous rampage that has terrorized the city, and solve the supernatural mystery that entangled her parents 25 years ago – and in the process their new and very tangled relationships to control the strange and diverse student body. “

Wednesday as described by the Netflix Original Series Director Teddy Biaselli Burton’s directorial debut for television will be “a slippery, supernatural mystery”. Burton is best known for directing Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Batman, Corpse Bride, and many more.

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