James Charles jokingly pretends to be pregnant and sparking a backlash with a Halsey-inspired photograph shoot

James Charles is “pregnant” in a photo shoot recently and some fans are not impressed.

The 21-year-old YouTube star jokingly simulated being pregnant for 24 hours in response to a challenge from a friend who is expecting her second child, a co-influencer Laura Mellado. James carried two silicone baby bumps stacked on top of each other to mimic a woman who is at least 40 weeks old.

He posed for a photoshoot in underwear with his fake tummy, as seen in a photo on Instagram and a video shared on YouTube on Friday, February 12th. He also put his hands on his bare chest, just like Halsey did when she announced on her own page last month that she was expecting her first child. During James’ shoot, an unfamiliar woman is heard saying, “Yeah, very Halsey.”

James later posted a picture on his own page that was photoshopped to make him look naked. He labeled it “surprise”, similar to the singer “Ohne mich”, who miscarried years ago and underwent laparoscopic surgery to treat endometriosis around her uterus to increase her fertility before she recently became pregnant .

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