James Gunn reveals inspiration for Stan Lee’s cameo as an observer

There was a funny reason for stranding a very older man in space.

Guardians of the Galaxy-Vol-2-Stan-Lee

Guardian of the Galaxy was a hell of a blast of a series thanks to a charismatic cast and unique scriptwriter / director style James Gunn. in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2Gunn continued the tradition of having a legendary Marvel Comics godfather Stan Lee appear in a cameo role. But Gunn chose to see Lee in a specific scene, creating a backstory that tied each of Lee’s previous MCU cameos together. And he came up with the idea of ​​an internet fan theory.

Gunn responded to a fan post on Twitter today about Lee’s GotG 2 role. The post indicated that Lee appears to the Guardians as an informant, a race of almighty celestial beings who monitor all worlds and realities simultaneously. In fact, it means that Lee will be transported to different worlds at different times and places (and in different realities) to spy on the planets and report his findings to his alien employers. “I stole the idea from fan theories on Twitter that I thought was weird,” Gunn wrote in response.

This isn’t the first time Gunn has admitted taking the idea for Lee’s cameo off the internet. He mentioned it in another Twitter post last summer, though it’s entirely possible that if you’re not an extreme online entertainment writer, you may not have heard of it. It’s also worth noting that while the director credits Twitter, fan theory has also been floating around places like Facebook and Reddit since at least 2013. And while fan theories are rather entertaining, but somewhat flawed or misinterpreted readings of popular films, the idea that Stan Lee is actually the Guardian (or at least someone who works for them) who turned out to be one of the best, and unequivocal was too good for Gunn to do without. So keep posting your crazy fan theories! You never know who might read it and throw it in the next Marvel movie. (In another context, I would now like to share my own fan theory on how Tom Hardy‘s Venom is secretly my dad.) Gunn just finished The suicide squadabout the anarchic team of DC supervillains slated for release in August. To learn more about Guardians of the Galaxy, check out why Rocket Raccoon is like this in Collider Editor Allie Gemmill Bradley CooperThe best performance so far.



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