Jared Leto remembers studying in regards to the coronavirus pandemic for the primary time after leaving the silent retreat

When Jared Leto When he entered his two week silent meditation, he never thought he was going to a global pandemic. But that’s exactly what happened last March. During the Jan. 26 episode, The Tonight Show, the 49-year-old actor remembered reappearing from retreat and learning how much the coronavirus had spread.

“When I went out there were about 150 cases,” he recalled, “and in that short time when I got out there was a shutdown, a state of emergency, and the whole world was changed.”

Because the silent meditation was aimed at removing distractions, Leto did not talk to anyone, watch TV, and had no phone for almost two weeks. He also said the teachers did not alert the students.

“You made the decision not to disturb the participants,” said the Oscar winner. “And I didn’t turn my phone on until I went back to LA. So I drove all the way trying to be peaceful and zen and keep the feeling up. I came back and was, you know, nice. It was like at Rip Van Winkle. “

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