Jennifer Lopez reveals what Matthew McConaughey instructed her within the wedding ceremony planner earlier than they kissed

She agreed it was a tricky trick, but Matthew promised her that he wouldn’t “belatedly” push her out of the way.

“It was tight at times. We had some close calls there,” said the 51-year-old star. “You were definitely the hero that day. That was so much fun.”

Later in her chat, Jennifer also spoke about one of her upcoming projects, Shotgun Wedding. She broke her silence about the film after leaving Armie Hammerwhich is supposed to be replaced by Josh Duhamel.

Though the Love Costs Nothing singer did not confirm the new casting, she hinted that she had hoped for a real reunion with wedding planners by having Matthew fill in for Armie.

She said, “I’m about to do my first film in the bubble, as they call it, Shotgun, which would have been – I actually thought, ‘We should do this together.'”

Although they probably won’t appear side by side in Shotgun Wedding, there is hope for a future film together. “I have more to do and we’re going to do something again, baby,” she added. “Because we have to do something again. It’s been too long. 20 years is too long.”

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