Journey Membership, ARMNHMR & HALIENE Let go of the long-awaited collaboration “Wherever”.

In 2020 Adventure club announced their upcoming album and released a variety of singles through Ultra Music. Bring talent like Yuna, Sara Diamond, Cammie Robinson, Dia Frampton and Squired and keep the fans excited for the full LP release. Adventure Club is the first full studio album since 2016 and continues with their fifth single “Anywhere” ARMNHMR and HALIENE.

Fans have been waiting for this track forever, and the excitement only grows after ARMNHMR played it during Insomniac’s Nocturnal Rave-a-Thon last April.

HALIENE has been part of some of the biggest EDM hits and has worked frequently with Seven Lions, Excision, Armin van Buuren, Bear Grillz, Andrew Rayel and others. Your contribution to this track definitely makes it what it is, along with the stunning production from Adventure Club and ARMNHMR.

“We have been waiting eagerly to release ‘Anywhere’. It is our idea of ​​perfect collaboration between artists that we admire. ARMNHMR really helped bring this track home along with HALIENE’s ethereal vocals. We believe this will be an instant classic for fans old and new. To be heard aloud, surrounded (virtually) by people you love. “- Adventure Club

“‘Anywhere’ is a mega collaboration that we’re really looking forward to as it took a long time for everyone to need a little more love and a little more compassion for each other.” – ARMNHMR

“I am very happy that ‘Anywhere’ is finally here! I was immediately excited when the guys sent over the track and wrote them in about an hour. It’s about finding a person who makes the world a little bit smaller, who makes you feel at home wherever you go together and whatever adventure you go on, it will be a good one because you are with them. “- HALIENE

Check out the track below!

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