Judas and the Black Messiah writers talk about black people who find themselves not perceived as human.

Kenny: You go back to Emmett Till. He is a baby and was murdered by the forces because they saw him not as a child, but as a monster. And I think that’s the thing about white supremacy, historically, that African Americans aren’t perceived as human. We are perceived as this other worldly thing that needs to be neutralized or destroyed or controlled or contained. It’s just very strange when you think we’re human.

Keith: But at the end of the day it’s all projection, right? As if you have these forces that are the beast, the devil, the monster, and they project that onto the “other” – they project that onto us. And we see that in the film [J. Edgar] Hoover is the monster. History will remember Hoover as the monster, but he saw us as the monster and he had the power.

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