Justin Timberlake says he and Jessica Biel need to keep away from being “oddly non-public” about their youngsters

Justin can also relate to this after playing Branch in the animated film Trolls. He laughs. “Yeah, we have the same thing where the kids at school say to my five year old, ‘Your dad is Branch.”

“For people like us, you know, the hope that we keep instilling them is that we have really fun jobs, but it’s not who we are,” Justin continues. “Hopefully down the street, then that will have more weight.”

But Dax noted that no matter what, it will be a struggle for her children because even your best attempts to raise them as normal children will not detract from the privilege they will experience. He said, “They are going to have this strange challenge of being privileged, which seems bizarre that that is a challenge, but that will be their thing.”

Both Dax and Justin confessed that they were struggling with privileges as well, and the singer said he is “well versed in the art of self-devaluation”.

Justin says that he often makes fun of himself for making others laugh, especially on shows like Saturday Night Live, but he knows it can turn out to be “false humility”.

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