Kamala Harris’ niece writes a strong essay on the lesson on ambition for the vice-president-elect

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For us, she is the elected Vice President Kamala Harris. To Meena HarrisShe is aunt.

It has only been a few days since the California Senator was declared a historic winner in the 2020 US presidential election. This made her the first woman and the first black and South Asian American to become vice president. In an essay written for Elle, Meena – mother of two daughters and author of the children’s book Ambitious Girl – reflected on the woman who is her aunt and the example she has given girls and future generations.

Speaking of Kamala’s strike song –Mary J. Blige“Work That” – Meena wrote: “This song is an ode to the type of woman my grandma imposed on my aunt, mother and me. There is a word for this type of woman: ambitious. And I want my daughters and every other girl in the world to understand that this word describes something powerful and good. “

“As I got older,” Meena continued, “I realized that not everyone sees ambition like my family. In the Harris household, ambition means courage. It means living your purpose. But for a whole, many other people.” “Ambition – that is, women’s ambition – is a code to take up space that was not meant for you.”

Whether it is “ambition” or the “evil stepsisters” of the word – “loud, assertive, bossy, stubborn” – Meena called for such labels to be reclaimed.

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