Kandi Burruss breaks the web with the most recent photograph session – strive it out in purple latex!

Kandi Burruss just broke the internet with a steamy photo session. Check out her red latex outfit in the pictures below.

One follower said, ‘Soooo, are you just rebooking all of the photo shoots you had in 2020?
We are all here for it ✊???????????? ‘

Someone else posted this message: “No river is wide enough, no ocean is deep enough to keep Kandi’s foot off our necks, baby! ❤️???? ‘

Another follower said, “Kandi, you know that you are a bad girl. The beautiful queen keeps doing mega boss things. ‘

One commenter wrote, “I love you so much Kandi Yam. And how you promote your brand, you are definitely the ???? ❤️” and one follower said, “Starting tomorrow. I work very hard. Kandi you rock … Inspiration ???????? ‘

Someone else said: ‘@kandi u in Chicago, where he’s filming the chi, makes the money ????’ and a follower said: ‘Kandi, you look very classy in this pretty dress, so a lady shouldn’t just look ass and classy Pour love and he dress. ‘

Someone else posted: “Damn it, tell me your secret, how do you look so good !!!”

In other news, Kandi Burruss shared a post on her social media account and gave all sorts of advice to her fans and followers. Now she asks them if they fully understand that. Check out what she said below.

“Have you seen the whole video and heard the tips I gave? If not, you missed it! & the link for this dress is in my IG story! ‘Kandi has given her post a title.


The other day it was revealed that Kandi has some bedroom tricks and tips for her followers on IG and not only, and you can check them out in the video she shared on her social media account.

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