Kathryn Hahn from WandaVision on this Agnes principle: Is it actual [Spoiler]?


The truth behind WandaVision’s weird sitcom universe is still puzzling – and Marvel fans have since pioneered many theories.

While the Disney + series is slow to show how Wanda and Vision came to be in Westview, viewers have speculated about almost every aspect of their retro TV world, including the true identity of Kathryn Hahn’s nosy neighbor, Agnes.

The leading theory? Agnes is actually – Spoiler alert, just in case! – Agatha Harkness, a talented witch who trains and mentors Wanda to use her powers in the Marvel Comics. The show has yet to explicitly state that Agnes is really Agatha outside of the sitcom world, beyond Agnes’ name as the obvious portmanteau of “Agatha Harkness”.

As Hahn tells TVLine, she is well aware of the speculations about her character – and while she cannot confirm or deny Agnes ‘true identity, she suggests that the truth about her character may not meet fans’ expectations.

“I can safely say that there are so many surprises and shifts that people don’t see it coming,” the actress teases. “I’m really looking forward to having fans – and people who are new to this world – taking part. It’s just a real multi-level journey and I’m very excited that people are going on the journey. “

A new trailer for Episode 4 (to be released on Friday, January 29) offers the biggest answers to date to the alternative reality of Wanda and Vision in Westview: Among other things, there is a brief insight into the ongoing research of the SWORD agency, which confirm that almost every resident of Westview has a different identity in the outside world, including today’s New Jersey driver’s licenses for each person. Interestingly, Agnes’ photo hangs on the wall without proper ID, while Emma Caulfield’s Dottie is missing from the blackboard.

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