Katy Perry at all times retains daughter Daisy Dove along with her

New parents Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom want you to vote!

On October 29th, the singer took to Instagram to post a video she’d titled, “Mom & Dad Here To Remind You YOUR VOTE COUNTS!” The post urged people to cast in person, but got the message across in songs.

Katy began, “Get up and smile and go to the polls now.”

Orlando added, “Vote in person, not the postal ballot.”

Katy concluded, “Now is the time, personally, personally, to vote people in the United States.”

The Curse of the Caribbean Stars added that the vote was for “future generations,” including the couple’s daughter Daisy Dove. Although the latest Bloom was not in the video, the avid fans of the singer discovered Katy’s thin gold necklace with the letters DAISYDOVE. Even with the letter “D” backwards, fans raved about the public love letter.

The couple announced the birth of Daisy Dove by UNICEF, for which both Katy and Orlando are Goodwill Ambassadors.

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