Kelly Clarkson is attractive in Dunda’s sequin jumpsuit on the voice

Kelly Clarkson looked fabulous when she appeared on NBC’s The Voice asking people about the outfit she was wearing. Kelly looked stunning in a black sequined jumpsuit by Dundas and fans are craving details about the look. The sequins give the overall a shimmering, almost liquid look and the deep front creates a beautiful and feminine line. The straight legs are loose so it’s comfortable while creating a slim silhouette. The waist features a tie that emphasizes the feminine shape and creates an hourglass look.

The jumpsuit is called Dunda’s sequined low-cut jumpsuit and costs around $ 1,756.

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Kelly was stunned when she appeared on The Voice in overalls and fans were quick to praise her for the look. The black color was gorgeous with Kelly’s hair that has turned almost bleached-blonde. She parted her long, blonde locks in the middle and gently brushed her hair back, and it fell in loose waves over her shoulders.

Kelly kept her makeup to a minimum, but had enough eyeliner and shadow to highlight her dark brown eyes. She chose a nude lipstick and accentuated the shape of her full lips with a darker liner.

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You may see a photo of Kelly wearing the sequined jumpsuit and a Team Kelly face mask shared by The Voice’s official Instagram account below.

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Kelly also shared a video on her official Instagram account showing off the fabulous look. She had an open suitcase called “Kelly’s Closet” and discussed some of the color choices she had there, like eggplant and gold.

You can see the video that Kelly shared while wearing her Dundas Sequined Jumpsuit below.

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