Ken Jennings debuts as a hazard! Visitor host, tells viewers nobody will ever exchange the good Alex Trebek – Plus: Fee his first episode


Goat danger! The candidate Ken Jennings took over the management of the guest presenter on Monday following the legendary game show and filled the gigantic gap left by the late Alex Trebek. At the top of the showJennings approached the elephant in the room and assured fans that he is fully aware that Trebek is irreplaceable.

“Sharing this stage with Alex Trebek was one of the greatest honors of my life,” said Jennings. “Not many things in life are perfect, but Alex did this job pretty perfectly for over 36 years, and it was even better up close. We were blinded by his intelligence, charm, and grace.

“Like any danger! Fans, I miss Alex very much, ”he continued and fought back the tears. “And I thank him for everything he has done for all of us. Let’s be very clear: no one is ever going to replace the great Alex Trebek. But we can honor him by playing the game he loved. “(See the video of Jennings’ message to viewers above.)

Jennings’ rise to guest host was announced last September when he joined the show as a consultant producer. In this new role he presented his own special video categories, developed projects, supported the public relations of the participants and acted as general ambassador for the show.

Just before Monday’s show, Jennings acknowledged the tough battle he has to face to win over viewers. “To be honest, I’m with the audience, I don’t want myself out here – I want to see Alex out here. I know exactly how you feel when you see someone behind that lectern. But there are tens of millions of people who love this show. We love this show. Alex loved the show. I just like to fill in and help out. “

Announcing Jennings’ promotion to Guest Presenter last November, EP Mike Richards said, “Alex believed in the importance of Jeopardy! and always said that he wanted the show to go on after him. We’ll honor Alex’s legacy by continuing to produce the game he loved with bright candidates and challenging clues. Our goal is to win trusted hosts for the foreseeable future in order to create a feeling of community and continuity for our viewers. “

Jennings has been involved in numerous controversies lately, including his “unartful and unsensitive” Twitter story. Some have speculated that the myriad clouds of dust could jeopardize his attempt to become the show’s permanent host.

Trebek, who died on November 8th at the age of 80 after a nearly two year battle with pancreatic cancer, has recorded his final threat! Follow in late October. This last episode aired on January 8th.

Danger! has not yet officially confirmed the identities of its other innkeepers, despite reports that former Today co-host Katie Couric will be behind the lectern for a week.

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