Kenya Moore shares some throwback RHOA confessionals and takes followers again in time

Kenya moors shared some throwback clips from RHOA and she has fans in awe. Check them out below.

‘#repost #TBT some of my favorite #RHOA confessionals

Thank you Veenia_Twitter for creating this masterpiece. «Kenya has given her contribution a title.

Someone said, “You are just so beautiful” and another follower said, “They can never measure up to you – The Shade Assassin!” ???????? The Queen of Confessionals !!! ???????? Serving lewks since day 1 !!! ???????????????????????? The girl !!!! ???? ‘

One commenter said, ‘You came and raised the show sooooo much! What would RHOA be today without YOU!?!? ???? ‘and someone else put up this message:’ Beautiful. You have to pay Drew Dust at the reunion. She came in like a patio ball to take your place. Let them argue with themselves. Likewise …. Don’t reply to her on social media. The silence kills them. ‘

Someone else posted: “I was a queen who isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone to try and experiment with new looks / styles. You look great in all of this. ‘

One follower said: “They kill confessors EVERY SINGLE TIME!” Period boo ???? !! @thekenyamoore ‘and someone else wrote,’ Not a piece of hair out of place, not on 1 picture ???? period. ‘

In other messages, she flooded her social media account with pictures Brooklyn Daly. Kenya’s daughter is something different, as you will see in the photos for yourself.

Check out their posts.

“The baby doll’s hair is blowing in the wind. So precious! Enjoy your Brooklyn chips, ”someone said.

Likewise, Kenya moors shared a photo on her social media account and she looks fab.

Their fans agree and have ensured that Kenya’s social media account is flooded with all sorts of praise.

Not a long time ago Kenya moors and her daughter, Brooklyn Daly had a stunning photo shoot.

Kenya lives her best life with her family and friends.


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