King Von’s good friend Louie comes out of a coma after being shot within the head! (Video)

Finally, we have some good news about the condition of one of the victims in the shooting event that killed Chicago rapper King Von.

Louie, King Von’s best friend, was also shot that day and has been in a coma since the incident. He’s reportedly out of a coma now and doing dramatically better. The Chicago native was shot in the head and MTO News has confirmed that he will survive the shootout that most people thought killed him.

It seems Louie’s brain is working fine too. In the video below, Louie’s friend asked him to tell fans he was going to bounce back, and in response he tossed up the Black Disciples gang sign.

Check out the video below of Louie moving his hands and reacting when prompted by people in his hospital room!

Louie and King Von were not just friends but business partners too. Louie was one of Von’s directors, and the two worked together (before filming) to help Louie with his own rap career.

Obviously that has been put on hold until Louie leaves the hospital.

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