KUWTK: In Kim Kardashian’s emotions about turning 40 and plans for the subsequent decade!

Kim Kardashian is now 40 years old which can be a scary age for many adult people! But how does that work the Kardashians Would you like to turn the big 4-0?

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian has achieved a lot in her life, be it personally or in her career.

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With this in mind, an inside report claims to know that age 40 won’t stop you from pursuing even more goals in the coming decade!

Kim has 4 beautiful children, is well known, has multiple businesses, and a huge net worth quickly approaching a billion dollars, and yet she is definitely not finished with her dreams!

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After all, she is studying to become a lawyer, just like her late father, Robert Kardashian!

A source reported on HollywoodLife that ‘Kim’s heart is in the work she’s doing with prison reform and her goals for the next decade are really focused on the work she wants to do to make changes to the law . This decade is about creating their legacy. ‘

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Despite not having graduated from college or law school, Kim is determined to become a lawyer through an apprenticeship.

The main goal at this point is for the star to be able to take the California Bar Exam in 2022, an exam considered to be one of the toughest legal exams in the country, which is why she takes it really seriously.

As with all of her other accomplishments, the high-flyer appears to be very proud of everything she has achieved with her brand. She has many big plans for SKIMS and KKW Beauty. You can expect her to keep expanding and growing because she really loves to create. But what really satisfies their soul is changing people’s lives.

On a personal level, Kim also plans to spend more time with her kids as they seem to be growing up so quickly!

40 doesn’t seem to scare the reality TV star at all, especially since she is in the best shape of her life, as evidenced by the steamy swimsuit pictures she just shared on her birthday, which proudly tell her followers: “This is how it sees it 40 off! ‘


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